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  •  01 Feb 2010 18:24

Release Notes: This release enables a software scaler in x11 fullscreen mode, fixes xinerama moving positions, adds minor speedups, and fixes some configure-related problems and compilation with the latest gcc-4.4.x.

  •  25 Jan 2009 16:11

Release Notes: Configuration and compilation under some platforms was fixed. Additional parallelism was added into some parts of the project.

  •  07 Apr 2007 13:35

Release Notes: libloader was synchronized with mplayerhq. The ffmpeg codecs were updated, which fixes some lacks of the previous release. Support for new codecs was added. A segfault in the MPC demuxer was fixed.

  •  23 Dec 2006 12:35

Release Notes: swscaler functionality was restored. QT codecs functionality was restored. Support for new codecs was added. Compilation with gcc-4 was fixed. The cygwin port and portability were improved. SOFT-quit functionality was added. Framestepping can be done with the -key argument.

  •  03 Apr 2005 06:32

Release Notes: A potential deadlock in the demuxer was fixed. Workarounds for bad MPEG and MP3 streams were applied. Some of the demuxer's stuff was imported or upgraded from mphq. Compilation on some platforms was fixed. The number of compiler warnings was reduced.


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