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14 Nov 2001 07:11 arpi

Re: A cursed project...
Hmm. I won't comment your nice comment :)
I just suggest to new users that first try it out and don't believe what this nice guy says as it's nonsense.

Btw, if you readed docs, and don't ask the first question of FAQ, nor the "why gcc 2.96 sux?" question, you will get help from us.

11 Nov 2001 21:35 bani

A cursed project...
An average player, but the project is cursed by developers with egos the size of a gas giant.

If it works out-of-the-box for you, great.

But you can totally forget any kind of bugreporting or support. The developers simply aren't interested in hearing any of it.

The mailing lists are just a playground for the developers to fling personal insults, foul language, and basically abuse everyone as much as possible.

Most people will be better off with xine or avifile, which have a great support community and nice developers.

29 Oct 2001 13:21 SumDog

Totally Cool
This is one impressive piece of software. I really don't even need avifile/aviplay anymore (except maybe to use the libraries). This program is incredible and supports everything. I encourage everyone to take a look at the ./configure --help options. MPlayer even has an option that lets you play an AVI or MPEG through an ASCII converter and the move is rendered as ASCII can watch a movie on a terminal!!!

Overall I'm very impressed. This is comerical grade IMHO. The trouble with windows media player is version 6 will play movies ver 7 won't and vice versa. Every video I've tried has worked in mplayer...and the ones that don't tell you the exact dll name of the codec you need to play it (so you can search for it).

I can not express how impressed I am with this software. Oh and the DVD player is awesome as well. Micros*ft could lear a lot from these developers.

30 Sep 2001 09:42 deuterium

Re: Did you guys research your software name before deciding on it?

> Are you aware that MPlayer is the name
> of a largely popular LAN->Internet
> Gaming service? If and when they decide
> to provide a Linux client do you think
> they'll appreciate the fact that you've
> trampled on their name?

erm.. actually

Try(in windoze) start->run->mplayer.exe :))

starts mediaplayer;) so..

> they'll appreciate the fact that you've
> trampled on their name?

27 Sep 2001 21:33 toastie

Re: Beautiful Player
Environment variables are your friend:

SDL_VIDEODRIVER=x11 / aalib / svga / ...

SDL_AUDIODRIVER=esd / artsc / ...

Just make sure mplayer uses SDL for video / audio.

05 Aug 2001 14:28 wmjosiah

The is the coolest thing ever
There has never been a piece of software that has made me happier. Now I can watch all of my DivX movies under linux... using 3% of my processor, instead of having them skip and jump and look bad and have the sound be off under Windows. This piece of software has, so far, performed flawlessly for every single movie file (except rm's, but whatever - realplayer works under linux just fine) that I've tried it with. It even plays a lot of DivX's that don't work at all under Windows. No I have no reason at all to boot into Windows, ever! And I'm not sure, but it really seems to be using hardware acceleration for my TNT2...

18 Jun 2001 01:14 analogue

this peace of software rulez
we are finally able to view all those video files
under linux !

thanks !

24 May 2001 13:54 Gabucino

Re: Beautiful Player

There is already an SVGAlib output. By the way,
subscribe to the mplayer-users mailing list, that's
read by us more frequently.

04 May 2001 11:56 klosar18

Re: Beautiful Player
well you can use the new fbdev feature :)
works great.No more x-windows for me

24 Jan 2001 17:39 notoriousbdg

Beautiful Player
This brings a tear to my eye. It flawlessly plays just about anything I can throw at it (well, except rm's, but that's to be expected), and the xv hardware scaling is great (works fine with NVIDIA cards, too). It even plays the svcds I have that Windows media player refuses to... excellent work!

There is one teensy feature request I have: is there any way you could add an svgalib output module? Playing movies without X would be very cool.

Thanks again for the kickass player!


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