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Release Notes: This version adds a new multi-pair latency benchmark.

Release Notes: Thread safety has been improved. Support for non-blocking I/O has been improved. There are minor bugfixes.

Release Notes: An SCTP channel has been added to the CH3 device. Infiniband hooks were added to the Nemesis channel. Speedups have been applied to collective communications and derived data types. Thread safety issues in the ch3:sock channel have been fixed. A fix for cross compiling with a C++ compiler was added. Numerous minor bugfixes and code cleanups were done.

Release Notes: The Windows version has been fixed to work much more like it does under Unix. The application spawner has been replaced. Applications can now initialize themselves under MPI at any time. Buffer sizes are settable. Copyright of files has been clarified. There were many other bugfixes, enhancements, and code cleanups.

Release Notes: The shm and ssm channels were reintroduced. Various minor bugfixes were made. Very high-speed InfiniBand patches are available.


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A framework for writing command line applications in Java.


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A utility to program Logitech Harmony remote controls.