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Release Notes: This release adds message coalescing, hot-spot avoidance, application-initiated systems-level checkpointing, APM support, multi-rail support for iWARP, RDMA read, and blocking support. Assorted bugfixes.

Release Notes: This release adds RDMA CM-based on-demand connection management for OpenFabrics Gen2-* interfaces, uDAPL on-demand connection management, message coalescing support to enable reduction of per Queue-pair send queues, a Hot-Spot Avoidance Mechanism (HSAM) for alleviating network-congestion in large scale clusters, RDMA Read utilization for increased overlap of computation and communication for OpenFabrics devices, and support for an OpenFabrics Gen2-iWARP interface and RDMA CM.

Release Notes: This release adds an initial ROMIO device for BlueGene/P. It has major cleanup for the propagation of user-defined and other MPICH2 flags throughout the code. It adds support for the STI Cell Broadband Engine. It adds datatype free hooks to be used by devices independently. It adds device-specific timer support. "make uninstall" works cleanly now. Support has been added to take hints from a config file. There are more tests and bugfixes for non-blocking I/O. Support has been added for using the PMI Clique functionality for process managers that support it.

Release Notes: New message coalesing, hot-spot avoidance, application-initiated systems-level checkpointing, APM support, multi-rail support for iWARP, on-demand connection management for iWARP and uDAPL (including Solaris), RDMA read, and blocking support. The software was also updated to MPICH2 1.0.5p4.

Release Notes: Improvements to thread safety in channels. A new low-latency channel has been added. Message queues are now visible to debuggers. Port range restriction is now supported. Obsolete modules have been removed. Many new tests have been added. Extensive code cleanup.

Release Notes: Major changes were made to the ch3 device implementation. Numerous bugfixes and code cleanups were done. Support for DESTDIR was added in install targets. Enhancements were made to SMPD and MPE. Support for the features and idiosyncrasies of Fortran 77 and Fortran 90 compilers was enhanced. Support for C++ compilers that do not fully support abstract base classes was enhanced. Man pages were written for mpiexec and mpif90. Debugging aids were added to the code.

  •  29 Oct 2003 06:12

Release Notes: C++ and Java interfaces were added. Globus was added. ROMIO support was improved. Windows NT and Mac OS X support was improved. Bugfixes and speed-ups were made.


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