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Release Notes: Major changes were made to the ch3 device implementation. Numerous bugfixes and code cleanups were done. Support for DESTDIR was added in install targets. Enhancements were made to SMPD and MPE. Support for the features and idiosyncrasies of Fortran 77 and Fortran 90 compilers was enhanced. Support for C++ compilers that do not fully support abstract base classes was enhanced. Man pages were written for mpiexec and mpif90. Debugging aids were added to the code.

  •  19 Jun 2005 03:37

Release Notes: Shared libraries now build correctly. Many memory leaks were fixed, along with other bugfixes. Performance-related bugs have been fixed. Cluster debugging tools have been added.

Release Notes: The Windows version has been fixed to work much more like it does under Unix. The application spawner has been replaced. Applications can now initialize themselves under MPI at any time. Buffer sizes are settable. Copyright of files has been clarified. There were many other bugfixes, enhancements, and code cleanups.

  •  10 Nov 2004 13:09

Release Notes: Solaris architecture and shared library support are added. User and Install guides are expanded. MPI_COMM_JOIN has been added. Bugs are fixed in MPI_COMM_CONNECT and MPI_COMM_ACCEPT. Boundary alignments are fixed for address data types. Double-free bugs are fixed. Error handling has been improved across all components. MPD process manager bugfixes and code cleanups. Forker processes manager has been replaced. In ROMIO, duplicate code has been cleaned up, memory leaks fixed, AIO has been fixed, support for PVFS2 has been improved, and rollback of memory allocations on error has been added.

  •  17 Sep 2004 03:22

Release Notes: Various bugfixes and code cleanups were made. The Infiniband patches now include OSU InfiniBand and Chemnitz InfiniBand. Support for ATOLL high-performance interconnect was also added.

Release Notes: The shm and ssm channels were reintroduced. Various minor bugfixes were made. Very high-speed InfiniBand patches are available.

Release Notes: The MPI-2 protocol was added to the MPICH MPI package.


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A tool that analyzes RCS files and emits an equivalent history in the form of a fast-import stream.


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A data munging language.