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MPICH is a robust and flexible implementation of the MPI (Message Passing Interface). MPI is often used with parallel or distributed computing projects. MPICH is a multi-platform, configurable system (development, execution, libraries, etc) for MPI. It can acheive parallelism using networked machines or using mulitasking on a single machine.


Recent releases

  •  28 Jul 2012 19:14

    Release Notes: This release adds bugfixes in relation to the release candidate.

    •  29 Mar 2012 03:01

      Release Notes: This release adds high-performance MPI communication from NVIDIA GPU device memory (to/from other devices and host memory) with IPC, collectives ,and datatype support; CPU binding granularity at socket and numanode level; checkpoint-restart and run-through stabilization with Nemesis; suspend/resume; and enhanced integration with SLURM and PBS. Network Fault Resiliency (NFR) has been added.

      •  16 Dec 2011 01:10

        Release Notes: This release fixes a data validation issue in GPU transfers, tunes CUDA block size to 256K for better performance, enhances error checking for CUDA library calls, and fixes a mpirun_rsh issue while launching applications on Linux Kernels.

        •  14 Nov 2011 07:22

          Release Notes: This release adds iWARP interoperability between Intel NE020 and Chelsio T4 adapters, space optimization in regards to buffer usage, and MPI communication from NVIDIA GPU device memory (including intra-node point-to-point communication for multi-GPU adapters/node and RDMA-based inter-node point-to-point communication to/from GPUs). Optimizations for collectives and one-sided communication.

          •  21 Oct 2011 19:35

            Release Notes: New features include improved support for fault tolerance, support for the ARMCI API, and non-collective group creation functionality. There are numerous bugfixes.


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