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  •  09 Oct 2009 09:22

    Release Notes: A set of bugs have been fixed, along with some long- and short-standing regressions, namely NtoM CPU creep and parsing of Foobar2000-style RVA info in ID3v2 tags.

    •  14 Aug 2009 08:12

      Release Notes: Free format support and ARM assembly optimizations were added. Dither noise is now runtime-generated, so the binary is less bloated with dithered decoders, and those are therefore included by default now. Several bugs have been fixed relating to UTF16 in ID3v2 tags and bad frame fillup for 8-bit samples. Generally the ID3v2 parser is more flexible with encodings. libmpg123 also offers a switch to defer the transcoding to UTF8 (so that a client application can handle strange encodings in disguise).

      •  14 Jun 2009 14:39

        Release Notes: This update mainly adds the proper integer/fixed point decoding that accidentally had been promised for the 1.8.0 release. Minor bugs and build system problems were fixed.

        •  11 Jun 2009 00:13

          Release Notes: This is a massively important release. There are major performance improvements (including new SSE code) for x86-64 systems (and others), as well as fixes to the correctness of decoding. For the first time, the fixed point decoding (compile-time option) works properly for layer 1 and 2.

          •  27 Apr 2009 09:25

            Release Notes: A bad-sounding regression with seeking in layer 3 files has been fixed. This regression had been introduced in 1.7.0 with the --doublespeed revival.

            •  05 Apr 2009 23:08

              Release Notes: This release fixes a vulnerability in the ID3v2 code with invalid text encoding values.

              •  03 Apr 2009 17:18

                Release Notes: This release fixes a regression that prevented the RVA changes in the generic control interface or from the terminal from resulting in something other than silence.

                •  26 Mar 2009 13:04

                  Release Notes: This release features significant overhaul of the decoder engine to be more flexible at runtime and include more output formats. Float and 32-bit integer output are now standard features of a normal build. The --doublespeed functionality is back again after being silently absent in the 1.x series. Also, there is now support for configuring minimal libmpg123 builds by stripping out certain features.

                  •  10 Jan 2009 20:48

                  Release Notes: This release fixes an issue with flexible resampling and the bad frame fill up introduced in the 1.6 series. Also, resampled output should now be consistent across seeks.

                  •  21 Dec 2008 11:21

                  Release Notes: This is a little bugfix release, mainly for some build related inconveniences and one bug you could encounter with the remote control interface.


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