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Version 1.13.8 of mpg123

Release Notes: This little bugfix release includes some changes to make mpg123 build on ARM Thumb systems again. There were no changes for other architectures.

    Other releases

    •  08 Mar 2014 13:02

      Release Notes: This release improves support for ARM CPUs a lot. A-law output was implemented.

      •  16 Feb 2014 22:16

        Release Notes: This release fixes a number of little issues, including the Frankenstein (concatenated) stream detection, which triggered all-too-easily on appended metadata.

        •  31 Jan 2014 22:10

          Release Notes: This is an important release fixing some nasty regressions introduced in the 1.14 series. Among those is indeed a buffer overflow with strange files (although not easily exploitable apart from denial of service since it is decoded audio data that is written). Other changes make the HTTP proxy requests send correct host headers, which matters for some proxy servers.

          •  27 Dec 2013 00:08

            Release Notes: The auxilliary tool mpg123-id3dump now has a --no-scan switch for some speedup. The -C switch from mpg123 is hidden when not supported to avoid confusion (on Windows). With tinyalsa, a new audio API is supported. The build system has some tweaks, along with fixes for Cygwin.

            •  07 Oct 2013 21:24

              Release Notes: This version features a performance boost all across the board, with improved Huffman decoding and additional optimization for SSE and AVX. Several outputs have fixes regarding playback of the last bits in buffer. There are LFS fixes, this time for BSD systems with proper 64-bit off_t in 32 bit, providing aliases for builds that insist on having in complicated. Helper programs for dumping ID3 data and stripping anything non-MPEG were added officially.


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