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The mpg123+eq patch adds a -Q option to mpg123 0.59r, which displays a 16 band graphical equalizer. EQ can be toggled on or off, and if on during exit, parameters are saved to ~/.eq for restoring the next time mpg123 is started. It also displays Artist and Title on an LCD-like display.


Recent releases

  •  17 Sep 2000 04:03

    Release Notes: Significant changes to the user interface (a real-time VU meter, "graph" of the equalizer settings, 3 presets can be saved and restored, and use of GDK instead of direct Xlib access).

    •  29 Jun 2000 14:07

      Release Notes: This release adds an X11 code rewrite and some display and math optimizations. EQ now works in -R mode as well. The titlebar has been removed from the pixmap so the window manager can control it. As of this release, mpg123+eq is no longer distributed as a patch.

      •  14 Dec 1999 17:36

        Release Notes: A new ID3 tag display and some minor fixes.

        •  19 Oct 1999 18:17

          Release Notes: First release.

          Recent comments

          02 Feb 2002 05:42 Sprint

          Isnt console player with equalizer more needed (i didnt find anything at this time) than player for X11? Any chances for ncurses version?


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