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mp3splt is a command-line utility that splits MP3, Ogg vorbis, and native FLAC files at specified times without decoding and re-encoding. It works with Mp3Wrap and AlbumWrap files and has a silence detection split mode, a cue mode and a "cddb source" mode. Libmp3splt is a library created from mp3splt. Mp3splt-gtk is a GTK3 GUI that uses libmp3splt.


Recent releases

  •  21 Jul 2013 21:46

    Release Notes: Experimental FLAC support has been added; stdin and stdout are not yet implemented.

    •  31 Mar 2013 23:24

      Release Notes: This release uses pkg-config instead of mp3splt.m4. It adds an option -I to specify the input tags encoding when writing ID3v2 tags. It adds an option -K to keep the original tags and just replace them when importing a CUE or CDDB file. It fixes an important bug in mp3splt-gtk: split using a cue file was not splitting the last part. It fixes a tags encoding issue in mp3splt-gtk: encode in UTF-8 tags if not valid UTF-8. Implements "prelisten a section to its ending splitpoint".

      •  27 Jan 2013 09:36

        Release Notes: This release fixes an important bug for mp3splt-gtk: the application was crashing when pushing the split button without any splitpoint (done in libmp3splt). It fixes an important bug for mp3splt-gtk: split by time was in hundredths of seconds instead of seconds. It adds an option to set output ID3v2 tags encoded in latin1, UTF-8, or UTF16 (libmp3splt and mp3splt). It adds the forgotten 'empty_footer.html' to the libmp3splt distribution.

        •  20 Jan 2013 13:36

          Release Notes: Libmp3splt: a rewritten libmp3splt public API and documentation. Mp3splt: adds a minimum silence length parameter for auto adjust; re-implements the proxy feature with basic authentification; adds an option to generate exactly the same input tags bytes using @O; and adds minimum silence length for trim silence mode and an option to output the full silence log. Mp3splt-gtk: adds tags edition from the splitpoints table, and adds cloning features for mass copying of tags. Automatically saves and restores splitpoints. Better amplitude wave display (wave does not "shake" anymore).

          •  03 Sep 2012 21:04

            Release Notes: Major new features include a minimum track length option for the silence scan, GTK+ 3 support, the ability to set original tags when using 'replace tags in tags', support for multiple Ogg/Vorbis logical streams, a redesigned mp3splt-gtk user interface, an option to specify the wave quality in the parameters, seek key shortcuts in the player, and a trackjoin parameter for silence detection split in mp3splt. Many bugs were fixed.


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