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MP3 Streaming DownSampler for PHP

The MP3 Streaming DownSampler for PHP is written with cable modem/DSL users with low upstream caps in mind. Using LAME, it dynamically downsamples a requested MP3 to a bitrate which can be streamed. It doesn't use temporary files, so you don't have to take the time to do any batching, and you just give it a directory with symlinks to your music in a place the Web server can reach. The interface is simplistic and fast, meant for immediate plug and play access.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  08 Jan 2007 23:18

    Release Notes: This release replaces a PHP5-only function call with a PHP4-friendly solution. It adds support for FLAC downsampling.

    •  03 Dec 2006 14:15

      Release Notes: This is a maintenance and security release. Upgrading is highly recommended if you are running 3.0 on a system where PHP is configured with register_globals 'On'. Other changes include altered defaults for the folder browser and some display tweaks.

      •  19 Jul 2006 17:41

        Release Notes: This version features Ogg Vorbis streaming downsampled support, regular expression searching, a jscrip folder browser, shuffling/random playlists based on tree location, and Javascript-free PDA support (people have streamed from palm Treos and other handheld computing devices). The documentation and style have been tweaked. There are now tar download options, Altavista image art lookup, and display theme options.

        •  07 Mar 2005 19:32

          Release Notes: This release adds a new search feature, icons, bugfixes, major file layout cleanups, more display configuration options, support for defining themes, and on-the-fly tarball generation for directories. Note that as this is a prerelease, some functionality that is intended to be in the final release will not be present, such as controls to enable or disable the tarball generation.

          •  01 Jul 2004 23:18

            Release Notes: This release features powerful and accessible user customization via a preferences window. It will scan directories for album art to display, as can be seen in the screenshot. It utilizes getID3, which comes packaged and configured to work with mp3SDS out of box. Many internal enhancements and security bounds checks have been added. With all changes, careful attention has been paid to make sure that it feels just as fast as it did in previous releases, even with the great amount of new features.


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