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MP3c is a curses-based audio CD-to-MP3/OGG converter with CDDB support. It can be used in an interactive menu environment or a batch mode which lets you encode automatically. MP3c tries to find the most useful information in a CDDB entry, and even recognizes sampler CDs correctly. It is very configurable and can be used with every available encoder, ripper, and tag editor. It is available in different languages (currently English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, and German).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 Jul 2006 19:23

    Release Notes: Switched to CDDB protocol level 5 to support detection and saving of year and genre information.

    •  08 Mar 2006 17:37

      Release Notes: Typographical errors in the manual page and translations were fixed. Scrolling in the output window was fixed. CDDB transmission was fixed. Some default values were updated and fixed. Filenames after preset loading were fixed. A short reference was added.

      •  26 Apr 2004 05:27

        Release Notes: Presets for switching between OGG and MP3 encoding were added. cdda2wav and lame (for MP3) are now the default. Some smaller changes were made to make the program more generic.

        •  16 Apr 2004 18:11

          Release Notes: Ogg support has been improved (by choosing compiled-in defaults). There is better handling for spaces in filenames. Some portability issues and a handful of minor bugs have been fixed (including batch script creation and the SMTP handler).

          •  28 Jun 2001 02:30

            Release Notes: New handling for sampler CD with different patterns for MP3 creation depending on the type of the CD, new tagging-support for the encoder-program, better support for different encoders (including Ogg-Vorbis), BSD and 64-bit system support, new Italian and Polish translation, full migration to, and a couple of bugfixes and minor improvements.

            Recent comments

            28 Dec 2001 20:12 michaelmcternan

            Nice and generic
            A good bit of software here! I actually used it to rip
            and encode to Vorbis OGG files, and it worked
            perfectly - perhaps you should rename the project as
            mp3c is a bit restrictive? any2c might be better since it
            basically could do anything with the correct supporting
            tools installed :)

            Well done!


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