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24 Jul 2004 01:02 edc

To generate a playlist... try something along these lines.

locate -i *.MP3 | grep -v kde | grep -v /Live/ | grep -v root | grep -v Projecti | grep -v /home/vids/ > ~/.tmp.lst ;

sort -f -d ~/.tmp.lst -o ~/.all.lst ;

rm ~/.tmp.lst ;

screen mp3blaster -a ~/.all.lst -f ~/.mp3log -d -t 500 ;

If you prefer a console then bash scripts should not be a problem. I run mp3blaster 24/7, there is no mp3 player capable of doing that without crashing sometime, but mp3blaster.

04 Nov 2002 13:17 malkodan

Great job
What can i say? Great player, great interface, great funtionality, everything is just great in this player. I totally neglected xmms now and use only mp3blaster - it barely takes any cpu cycles and best of all - it can run on a plain virtual console!
keep up the good work!

18 Jun 2002 11:14 mbainter

Needs some work
I really liked this product generally, but I think it still needs some work. In particular, using q to just straight out quit when there's unsaved changes to an active playlist. Or even to quit at all from within submenus, as that's not exactly expected behavior compared to other applications.

In addition, I had quite a few problems with it crashing when trying to write the playlist out. That wouldn't be so annoying if the application didn't actually erase the existing playlist until after it had successfully rewritten the new one, but that's not the case. I lost about an hours worth of work generating a nicely grouped playlist twice before I gave up.


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