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  •  23 Sep 2009 13:50

Release Notes: A bug introduced in the previous version that made the program crash when scanning files with empty frames inside ID3V2 tags was fixed. The Windows build process was restructured, which now is done from a GUI application.

  •  17 Sep 2009 20:57

Release Notes: Fixes are suggested and may be applied when right-clicking on notes. ID3V2.3.0 tags with non-standard UTF-8 frames are now accepted, generating a warning rather than marking the whole ID3V2.3.0 tag as invalid. An assertion failure has been fixed. There is a Visual Studio 2008 port.

  •  07 Sep 2009 15:35

    Release Notes: Handling of invalid characters and replacement are now configurable for the file renamer. It is now possible to start mp3gain if it is in a directory containing spaces. An option to check for updates automatically was added. Drive labels are shown in Windows.

    •  02 Sep 2009 21:09

    Release Notes: This release fixes a crash in Windows when checking a whole drive. It fixes a crash when saving data from the tag editor. It has improved trace speed on Windows. A potential crash at startup has been fixed. A crash when changing a file that is being used by another program has been fixed.

    •  24 Aug 2009 21:27

    Release Notes: This release has a restructured crash detector. It has partial support for Lyrics3 V2 tags. An issue with rectangles being shown instead of letters on Windows has been fixed. New Qt (4.5.2) and MinGW (3.4.5) for the Windows version.

    •  19 Aug 2009 09:23

    Release Notes: A crash detection mechanism was added. Two small memory leaks were fixed. Content is now shown for GEOB frames. Selection of multiple cells in the tag editor was fixed. A "busy" cursor signals that the application is not frozen (even though it may appear so) after running the normalization.

    •  28 Jul 2009 19:53

    Release Notes: This release fixes removal of list elements, which was broken in the previous version. It fixes a bug that caused the tag editor to behave as if the "fast save" option was turned on even when it was off. The file renamer now accepts patterns with no directory separators, in which case the renamed files are placed in the source directory. It fixes several assertion failures.

    •  26 Jul 2009 16:33

    Release Notes: A "fast save" option for the tag editor. Configurable visible transformations. A new transform for keeping a single image as a front cover. A new transform for removing ID3V1. A button to remove image files. Configurable max image size. Various minor fixes.

    •  19 Jul 2009 20:32

      Release Notes: Non-ASCII file names can be used on Windows. The tag editor looks at the filter. USLT Lyrics inside ID3V2 are shown. F1 help has been added.

      •  10 Jul 2009 17:10

      Release Notes: Improved note grouping, with a better labeling system, configurable colors, and gradients. More consistent font handling. Changing files in external tools no longer makes the program crash.


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