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  •  15 May 2011 08:11

Release Notes: A proper namespacing of the code was introduced. So far, there are no functional changes compared to 0.8.1.

  •  20 Jul 2003 13:51

Release Notes: Overrun protection against a common cheat (play short before win, change identity, play until win). Users can be ignored for userquestions. There are some more tool commands.

  •  02 Feb 2002 00:45

Release Notes: Additional questions, multilingual support (German, English, French and Greek), and a security fix were added.

  •  25 Jun 2001 22:40

Release Notes: A new command for listing channel rules, prizes can be won, a fix for protection of numbers in answers (always must stand alone), and pausemoderated by default off.

  •  17 Apr 2001 00:59

Release Notes: botmsgs can be configured as NOTICE or PRIVMSG, rehash should no longer be disturbing, desert detection has been repaired, strange nicks no longer cause quiz to stop in userquestions, and the badwords script can be excluded.

  •  06 Apr 2001 19:18

Release Notes: A new, simple bad word script, rehashing the bot should leave the quiz save, userquestions can be dis/enabled, nickserv identification works with eggdrop 1.6.x, a fix for a cheating hole in userquestions, and minor fixes.

  •  28 Mar 2001 15:15

Release Notes: 2486 new German and 1723 new English questions, autopause on +m, support for monthly allstars, easier configuration, periodic help text, and major bugfixes.

  •  30 Jan 2001 06:13

    Release Notes: The quiz has been moved to its own directory, a new command "!comment" is included to report typos, bugs, etc, automatic tip generation is now smarter, timings have been changed, the quiz is played faster now, user questions can no longer be asked from outside the channel, funstuff is available as a seperate package, and some other minor changes.

    •  30 Jan 2001 06:13

      Release Notes: Changing of bot control from MSG to DCC, user-defined flags for access, nickserv identification, optional automatic exit after a game, ranks and allstars can be viewed by users, own questions can be solved with 0 score, supplemental tools for initial bot setup and prettyprinting of allstars table, changes to some command semantics, and many more.

      •  30 Jan 2001 06:13

        Release Notes: This version is a maintenace release. Some messages were enhanced. More phrases and more questions were added. The usercommand !transfer was disabled due to abuse. !help and !userhelp were added as new channel commands, and are the same as !userhelp by msg. The bot is now able to use fun commands by saying them through the !say command. A bug was fixed in !saveuserquests.


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