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The Mowitz library contains a large collection of widgets for X applications to use. It complements a widget set such as Xaw3d or neXtaw.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 Aug 2007 14:03

    Release Notes: Buffer overflows in the file selector dialog and in the font handling code were fixed. An XCC for color management was added.

    •  19 Sep 2003 14:56

      Release Notes: The new widget in MwApplicationShell.c is subclassed from applicationShellWidgetClass, but has callbacks for OffiX and Xdnd drops.

      •  17 Jan 2003 22:34

        Release Notes: A workaround was added to avoid crashing on Solaris.

        •  06 May 2002 12:57

          Release Notes: This release handles the case when XOpenIM returns NULL because no input method can be opened. Checks were added in the configuration script to make sure that chosen libraries are actually available. Another check was added to define NARROWPROTO only for systems that need it. The BROWSER environment variable is used to get the default help browser. Netscape is used if BROWSER is not set. The mkt1cfg script was changed to generate the right path for font config. The t1lib code was fixed.

          •  13 Feb 2002 17:39

            Release Notes: This release adds font and color management code and three new widgets: Animator, Richtext, and Table.


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