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  •  04 Jul 2011 03:03

    Release Notes: This release adds (mostly to watch 'Zero Punctuation'),,, and

    •  21 Jun 2011 04:10

    Release Notes: works again. There were numerous tidy-ups.

    •  16 Jun 2011 13:04

    Release Notes: Dailymotion support was fixed.

    •  02 Jun 2011 02:38

    Release Notes: The program now compiles under Mac OS X (and possibly FreeBSD). 'Euronews' was added. Numerous bugs were fixed.

    •  22 May 2011 18:46

      Release Notes: This release fixes 'france24', 'iviewtube', and 'liveleak'.

      •  30 Mar 2011 07:54

        Release Notes: YouTube works again. Considerable effort has been made to improve streaming, adding the "-s" and "-sc" options to handle situations where the app receiving the data is "paused" and blocks. Movgrab now tries to keep downloading, even when the app receiving the stream is paused. This seems to work well for .flv format, but not so well for .mp4.

        •  23 Mar 2011 12:37

          Release Notes: Support for was removed. Support was added for,,,, and Support for various sites was fixed. The code falls back to the "generic youtube frontend" if the Web site type cannot be detected.

          •  11 Mar 2011 11:00

            Release Notes: Support was added for and Crazymotion,, and googlevideo were removed, as they no longer work and are either shut down, or carry too little media to be of interest. Many bugs were fixed, and updates were made for many Web sites that no longer worked. The system for handling sites whose movies are really links to other sites was improved. Display was improved for "available formats" on a site. A system was added to check which sites work with the current version, allowing "broken" sites to be quickly spotted.

            •  04 Mar 2011 06:44

              Release Notes: "Videosfacebook" and "" were added.

              •  10 Dec 2010 23:07

                Release Notes: This release fixes ''. It adds support for Reuters,, Liveleak, AcademicEarth, Photobucket, Vidoevo/Vidoemo.


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