Version 1.4 of mount_dd

Release Notes: An installation script has been added for easy installation. The English and Dutch versions are now in one package.

    Other releases

    •  19 Apr 2011 08:01

      Release Notes: Xmount is now used for the mounting of EWF files as Py-file no longer worked.

      •  08 Apr 2011 09:21

        Release Notes: A German version was added. A small change was made for the abort button.

        •  30 Mar 2011 09:52

          Release Notes: You may now choose to mount an image of a partition or mount a partition in an image of a device. The ability to uninstall was also added.

          •  25 Nov 2010 12:32

            Release Notes: The ability to mount EWF files was added.

            •  23 Nov 2010 16:40

              Release Notes: mount_dd can now mount AFF-files (Advanced Forensics Format) and images with raw-extension are submitted.


              Project Spotlight


              A utility for monitoring Unix system services.


              Project Spotlight


              A C implementation of the DKIM message signing/verifying standard, both an API and a filter.