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  •  24 May 2004 04:56

Release Notes: This release can mount CUE/BIN images (using the cdemu utility), create XBOX images (using extract-xiso), and convert NRG images to ISO. Issues with WinISO images with a non-standard magic number were fixed, and the menu for NRG, CUE/BIN, and CloneCD images no longer suggests to "Manage *ISO*".

  •  13 May 2004 03:37

Release Notes: Support for creating ISO images from a CD-ROM was added. Right-clicking on any suitable directory and selecting "Create ISO-image from disk" will create an image in that directory.

  •  30 Apr 2004 07:46

Release Notes: This release adds support for CloneCD (CCD/IMG/SUB files). A custom MIME type has been added, so you can right-click a cue file (".CCD") and convert the image file (".IMG") to a standard ISO. DVD ISO images (the UDF format) are now supported. You can now mount them (like normal ISOs) and create such images from directories.

  •  25 Apr 2004 10:51

Release Notes: Support for BIN/CUE images was added. A popup menu was added for CUE images to convert them into ISO tracks. (This feature requires the bchunk utility, which is available at The service menu was split into separate files for each MIME-type: one for ISO/NRG, one for directories, and one (optionally) for CUE files. This prevents Mount-ISO from offering you invalid choices like "Calculate MD5 Sum" for a directory or "Create ISO Image" when right-clicking an ".nrg" file.

  •  18 Apr 2004 03:19

Release Notes: This release supports system-wide installation by starting as root. It can create ISO images from any directory and supports Nero Burning ROM .NRG image files. MD5 sums can now be calculated for ISO images, which can be usedto verify downloaded ISO files before burning them.

  •  31 Mar 2004 16:48

Release Notes: This release has an uninstall option, a routine to modify sudo config files, and some bugfixes.


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