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Release Notes: This release features an upgrade to Linux 2.4.9, changes the "OOB" algorithm and removes diagnostic messages regarding "OOB", and optimizes "memsort" to consume less CPU time. It fixes an MFS/NFS combination bug, a bug in the MOSIX shutdown, the DRM driver, several SMP locking race conditions, and access to /proc/mosix/admin/mfscosts. Recursion in MFS is no longer allowed, except for symbolic links that satisfy strict criteria.

Release Notes: An upgrade to Linux 2.4.8, a new organization of the distribution package, fixes for the "oob not oxdb" bug and the "sending too many pages" bug, and fixes for bugs that caused crashes on SMP under heavy loads.

Release Notes: This release contains several MFS bug fixes (0 block size and MFS-server oops). Bugs with "OOB'' and "overload'' when MOSIX is not active have been fixed. Details about /proc/{pid}/cantmove have been added to the MOSIX(7) manual page.

Release Notes: Upgrade to Linux 2.4.7. Fixed the "file-leak". Fixed a "umask" bug in DFSA. Supports new option to "select" when reading from a pipe.

Release Notes: This version was upgraded to Linux 2.4.6. Some bugs were fixed for mixed clusters running both old and new computers with an extended instruction-set (including CMOVE and floating-point). A bug in the remote-execution of interpreted/emulated ELF programs was fixed. A bug associated with doing 'stat("")' when MFS is configured was fixed. The "-mosix" extraversion extension option now works. A possible race with clock after failed migrations was fixed. Minor kernel cleanups and optimizations were made. "mosrun" now fails correctly when the requested node is inaccessible.

Release Notes: A fix for a bug in remote shmat, umount /mfs affects only MFS as client, and a more aggressive page-aging policy (for better free memory counting).

Release Notes: A memory leak bug has been fixed.

Release Notes: An upgrade to Linux 2.4.5.

  •  09 May 2001 06:10

No changes have been submitted for this release.

  •  03 May 2001 14:39

Release Notes: This release is an upgrade to Linux 2.4.4. Memory counting bugs have been fixed.


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