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Moscrack is a WPA cracker for use on clusters. It supports MOSIX, SSH, and RSH connectivity and works by reading a word list from STDIN or a file, breaking it into chunks, and passing those chunks off to separate processes that run in parallel. The parallel processes are then executed on different nodes in your cluster. All results are checked and recorded on your master node. Logging and error handling are taken care of. It is capable of running reliably for long periods of time, without the risk of losing data or having to restart. Moscrack uses aircrack-ng by default. Pyrit for WPA cracking and Dehasher for Unix password hashes are supported via plugins.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  06 Jun 2013 00:18

Release Notes: This version implements a new API which allows the CGI and commandline mosctop to work from remote machines. There are several small bugfixes, many of which were reported by users. A new USB Live image was released, as well.

  •  18 May 2011 08:05

Release Notes: A plugin framework and API were created. A dehasher plugin was created to crack SHA256/512, MD5, DES, and *Blowfish Unix password hashes. A bug in hot config was fixed.

  •  25 Apr 2011 01:48

Release Notes: This is a minor bugfix release because 2.05b had an error in the sample config file that was causing Moscrack to fail to load. Other small things have been fixed at the same time. If you had trouble getting 2.05b to work, update to 2.06b.

  •  21 Apr 2011 12:07

Release Notes: This release added various automatic chunk size options, hung node detection, dynamic node configuration, improved CPU demands, TCP-based status checks, and a CGI interface.

  •  03 Apr 2011 23:40

Release Notes: This release adds RSH, Pyrit, and checkpoint/resume features.

RSS Recent comments

13 Feb 2013 04:50 DildoDanny

This is the bullshit error that aircrack-ng spits out

deviant:/home/devadmin/wifu# aircrack-ng -e Net206-SJGH -c sjgen.out-02.cap-handshake.cap -w common.lst
Opening sjgen.out-02.cap-handshake.cap
Read 128 packets.

Opening sjgen.out-02.cap-handshake.cap
Got no data packets from target network!

Quitting aircrack-ng...


if I do aircrack-ng -c sjgen.out-02.cap-handshake.cap -w common.lst and manually select the essid from the menu, it processes it just fine, WIERD!

Ive been using aircrack-ng for years, this is the first time ive seen this shit, but yeah, if you added a -b option to moscrack I would be able to bypass this problem by usin the mac address instead to get around this bug in aircrack-ng

13 Feb 2013 04:46 DildoDanny

Please add --bssid option moscrack to use for using target instead of just --essid

Some times when im cracking aircrack wont work with an essid that has something like Target-2334 because of the way aircrack handles that - character, making it impossible to use unless I pass the mac address with -b option, therefore, I am unable to leverage moscrack with these targets.


Thank you!! Moscrack + Aircrack-ng-cuda= PYRIT IS DEAD TO ME


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