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morituri is a CD ripper that aims for accuracy over speed. Its features are modeled to compare with Exact Audio Copy on Windows. It features support for MusicBrainz for metadata lookup, support for AccurateRip verification, support for cdparanoia, detection of sample read offset of drives, the ability to test and copy a rip, the ability to detect and rip Hidden Track One Audio, templates for file and directory naming, and tagging using GStreamer. Currently, it only supports lossless encoding and only has a command line client.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 Jul 2013 17:20

    Release Notes: This release fixes rip offset find. It sets album and track artist IDs properly. Ripping CD info no longer ejects the disc.

    •  15 Jul 2013 07:53

      Release Notes: This release add configuration options for path filtering, support to filter pathnames for better filesystem support, an "%X" template variable for uppercase filename extension, ripping of CD information, and storing of catalog numbers and barcodes. It disambiguates releases with the same name but different catalog numbers/barcodes, fixes older pyxdg and some versions of pycdio, and uses all but the last track to find offsets.

      •  20 Jan 2013 21:00

        Release Notes: This release adds %r/%R for the release type to use in the track/disc template, x for the extension to release the template, a plugins system for the logger, reading speed, cdparanoia, and cdrdao versions in the logger, "rip cd rip --logger" to specify the logger, "rip drive analyze" to detect whether we can defeat audio cache behavior, and "rip image retag --release-id" to specify the release id to tag with. "rip drive list" now shows the configured offset and audio cache defeating. This release stores drive offsets and cache defeating in the configuration file.

        •  23 Nov 2012 18:44

          Release Notes: This release shortens really long filenames if needed, supports multi-disc ripping with musicbrainz NGS, adds %y for the release year in templates, adds a "rip cd rip --release-id" option to select the exact release, allows track and disc templates to create files in different directories, works out relative paths from cue/m3u files to audio files, and updates the mp3vbr profile.

          •  05 Jun 2011 15:43

            Release Notes: UTF-8/Unicode handling fixes. Improved error handling. Ignore tags for ALAC and WAV. Workarounds for GStreamer flacparse bugs. A change in how paths are referenced in .cue files. Properly interprets AccurateRip results; no more assertions on unexpected ordering of results. A debug command has been added.


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