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Release Notes: This is a minor new feature and bugfix release. The main new feature is a write-through per-transaction cache that effectively simulates the database for the scope of the transaction and does all DB updates with a single connection just before commit. Various Mantle services now run 2-3 times as fast with results validated by automated tests. Another set of new features covers internal profiling for artifact execution (entities, services, screens, transitions, etc). OrientDB is now included in the framework by default, instead of only in an addon component as before.

Release Notes: This is a minor new feature, bugfix, and performance enhancement release.

  •  22 Sep 2012 23:03

Release Notes: This is primarily a bugfix release. While a few issues have been fixed, the most important one for those just trying Moqui is the explicit sorting of files by name during data loading, which addresses an issue on Linux servers which could make the files in a directory listing through the Java File API come back in any order. Minor new features include DB-configured User Fields on entities, hostname-based tenant selection, and an easier way to specify default themes. A special thanks to the people who have helped test recent releases and offered feedback.

  •  05 Jan 2012 03:13

Release Notes: This version is primarily a maintenance and bugfix release. The few new features are mostly extensions to existing features for improved flexibility, to round out functionality, and to better support standards.

Release Notes: This release includes a number of new tools, most notably the Auto Screen UI that creates a user interface based on entity and relationship definitions for master entities, and tabs for the detail and associated entities of each. This release also includes a number of smaller new features and bug fixes found while building a variety of functionality with Moqui Framework. One notable example of that is automatic or explicit alternate screen selection based on the HTTP request User-Agent. Overall, this release is more robust, functional, and reliable than the previous release.


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A compatibility layer for Window Maker dockapps for XFCE.


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