Version 1.6.16 of Moose File System

Release Notes: This release added clearing of SUID/SGID bits and a check for the "sticky" flag during rename and unlink operations, fixed POSIX compatibility with removing empty directories on rename and proper changing of ctime, fixed some constants to provide better support for larger systems with millions of files and chunks, fixed error logging, fixed some OpenSolaris compilation issues (mainly by adding -D__EXTENSIONS__ to the compile flags), fixed an OpenSolaris pthreads issue, and fixed an overflow on negative time differences in hdd stats. A man page was added for mfscgiserv and "BIND" option descriptions were added to the man pages.

Other releases

  •  11 Feb 2014 12:07

Release Notes: The most important changes include limiting of chunkserver disconnections, a fix for network connection timeouts, a progress percentage in metarestore, and an improved algorithm for choosing servers for write new chunks.

  •  24 Mar 2013 12:04

Release Notes: The most important changes include fixed signal handling in multithreaded modules, goal and trashtime limits in mfsexport.cfg, and a simple check for downloaded metadata files.

  •  16 Aug 2012 11:41

Release Notes: The most important changes include retention of previous copies of metadata, applying new settings on "reload" (SIGHUP), and better handling of full disks on the master.

  •  17 Jan 2011 10:44

Release Notes: Chunkserver packet registration has been improved (one big packet is divided into several small ones). Also, minimum socket timeout has been set to ten seconds so that the system has time to register and the master doesn't hang up.

Release Notes: Substantial changes were introduced to the metalogger machine and metarestore tool for better integrity of the metadata. A scanning progress bar in CS was added. The master name is now resolved when a connection fails. A new session is created when the previous one is lost. Lots of other bug fixes and improvements were made.


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