Version 0.26 of monotone

Release Notes: This release brings a large number of changes, including a full rewrite of the internal structures for handling versioning and merging. The new code implements a richer representation and is smaller, better tested, more theoretically sound, and faster. Otherwise, users should not notice much different. More noticeably, the command name has changed to "mtn". A number of other smaller changes have also been made.

Other releases

  •  26 Mar 2011 20:23

Release Notes: This is a major milestone. It contains quite a number of bug fixes, changes, and new features.

Release Notes: This release contains almost countless bug fixes, changes, and new features. Among them are a heavily extended revision selector functionality, a much improved user interface, and the possibility to "dry-run" network operations.

Release Notes: This release fixes a security related problem by which a monotone server could be remotely stopped (but only if it was configured to allow remote command execution) and has some other minor bugfixes.

  •  13 Jun 2010 23:46

Release Notes: This release comes with dozens of bugfixes - a fall-out of joint efforts during a bug hunt fest earlier this year - and some interesting new features, such as an improved changelog editing view and new database management features.

Release Notes: This release features many bugfixes, a new translation (Portuguese), and major performance improvements for projects with larger trees.


Project Spotlight

TurnKey Mantis Appliance

A Mantis appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.


Project Spotlight


A portable, cross-platform program for brief system information.