RSS All releases of Monkey HTTP Daemon

  •  05 Feb 2014 00:58

    Release Notes: A new Jemalloc memory allocator. A new Virtual Host FDT feature 'Shared file descriptors'. A new error handler for system calls. Many Scheduler optimizations. A new debugging mechanism through Linux Trace Toolkit (LTTng). A new experimental Proxy Reverse. The SSL plugin now supports for PolarSSL v1.3. The license has moved from the GPLv2 to the LGPLv2.1. There are many others.

    •  16 Oct 2013 13:39

      Release Notes: This is a major release with performance improvements, new support for the musl C library, and generic bugfixes.

      •  22 Jun 2013 14:33

        Release Notes: This release comes with important security fixes. There were three fixes for the basic authentication plugin and a fix for an issue with HTTP range headers that could cause a DoS.

        •  06 Jun 2013 22:42

          Release Notes: This release fix a bug in the HTTP headers parser which could lead to a DoS.

          •  27 May 2013 19:28

            Release Notes: This release comes with huge improvements in the CGI and FastCGI interfaces. It integrates a new SSL layer based on PolarSSL, core/speed improvements in the core scheduler, and adds support for Linux TCP_FASTOPEN.

            •  20 Aug 2012 21:52

              Release Notes: This minor release fixes some issues in the build system. The code is intact.

              •  18 Aug 2012 04:03

                Release Notes: A new CGI plugin was added. The scheduler now registers new incoming sockets with MK_EPOLL_READ. A new MK_EPOLL_DISABLE mode was provided along with a new epoll states mechanism, and new usage of GCC prefetch/[un]likely built-ins. HTTP now unsets the cork flag when mk_http_send_file is done. TCP_NODELAY is no longer enabled. mk_api is not exported. Initial iov zeroing of offset entries was fixed. In the configure script, plugin detection was improved and several code cleanups and optimizations were made.

                •  07 Jun 2012 20:57

                  Release Notes: This major release comes with exciting performance improvements: the core is completely lock free, the scheduler has been optimized, and the memory handler improved. Code cleanups and minor fixes have been made.

                  •  21 Feb 2012 01:02

                    Release Notes: This release fixes a little bug in the vhost configuration reader.

                    •  10 Feb 2012 23:05

                      Release Notes: Monkey workers now have names (e.g ps -L -p PID), and there are updated Debian rules to distribute Monkey default HTML. The configure script has been fixed to distribute plugin scripts. Cheetah now works in server mode by default. This release deprecates the ip_str plugin struct field and drops unnecesary casts.


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