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Release Notes: This release includes a number of improvements in the MySQL graph. It also includes a new feature in the Network Port traffic accounting to support either incoming and outgoing connections. There are new alert capabilities in the Mail MTA graph that should help indicate whether the number of delivered messages per minute is exceeding some defined threshold and if the mail queue is growing for any reason. There are other changes and bugfixes.

Release Notes: This release fixed a bug that prevented the creation of the mysql.rdd file on fresh installations. Monitorix will now flush out all of its own iptables or ipfw (depending on the system) rules. RRD files are now backed up when the internal structure is changed.

Release Notes: This is mainly a maintenance version with some bugfixes, the most important for a bug which prevented monitoring multiple MySQL servers. It supports using the socket file for the connection to the MySQL server and the new option IMAP_DATE_LOG_FORMAT to help match with the Dovecot date log format.

  •  14 Jan 2009 14:45

Release Notes: This is mainly a maintenance version that fixes several issues. The way that Monitorix creates the iptables rules that prevented one from seeing the INPUT chain activity in the defined network ports was changed. Another change directly affected the init script to removed the dependency of the command lockfile, making it more portable to other systems. Some other fixes were also implemented.

  •  26 Feb 2008 01:27

Release Notes: The URL appearing in the bottom of each graph is automatically converted into a link (if enabled by MULTIHOST_FOOTER) in the Multihost mode. A zero is displayed instead of NULL when there is no value in the monthly file of traffic during the daily collecting of counters. A bug in the interrupt names that removed its first character, affecting only (mostly old) machines with local-APIC-edge support was fixed.

  •  15 Nov 2007 23:05

Release Notes: A stupid bug that prevented showing the graphs of network ports was fixed.

  •  03 Oct 2007 02:56

Release Notes: Some annoying messages were fixed. For example, 'Argument "+46M-BM-0C" isn't numeric in int at /usr/bin/ line > 2710, line 13.' Now it correctly extracts numbers from an alphanumeric string. The alignment of the legend in the FAN speeds graph was fixed on systems still using the old RRDtool branch version 1.0. The HP IPL temperature graphs are now line-based instead of area-based in order to follow the same aspect as the new LM-Sensors graph.

  •  09 Jan 2007 00:57

Release Notes: Some annoying cron messages about an uninitialized value during an addition and a multiplication that occurred only on 2.4 kernels were fixed. The line and area colors in the kernel-related new graphs were fixed.

  •  17 Jan 2006 00:30

Release Notes: This version fixed annoying messages generated by cron and is more accurate when deciding which ports are down or not. Upgrading is recommended.

  •  07 Nov 2005 02:15

Release Notes: This new release is mostly a maintenance release with some bugs fixed.


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