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  •  07 Jun 2006 08:06

Release Notes: PXE improvements were made. A new build process is used. Support for dm and LVM v2 were added. mondo was fixed when restoring filenames containing blanks. mindi now supports swap+LABEL. Various bugs were fixed.

  •  22 Mar 2006 23:17

Release Notes: New website and documentation (SGML based) available New RPM package structure Lots of small bugs fixed Some features added Look at the Web site for complete details (

Release Notes: A mindi man page has been added. This release has USB keyboard support, FHS compliance, RPM builds for Fedora Core 4, SLES 9, Red Hat 7.3, RHEL 3/4, Mandriva 2006.0, and Mandrake 10.2/10.1. PXE mode has been greatly improved. X11 build is disabled by default. There are many code cleanups and small fixes.

Release Notes: This release adds early support for IA-64 (RHEL 3), as well as a new -p option (Cf man page). Many bugfixes have been integrated from various contributors.

  •  30 Oct 2004 00:35

Release Notes: Minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: ACLs and extended attributes are now supported.

  •  28 Jun 2004 03:13

Release Notes: Reliability of restoring LVM and software RAID configurations has been improved, newt's tendency to segfault at the end of an execution run has been circumvented, and support for GRUB on software RAID has been added.

  •  23 Jun 2004 00:37

Release Notes: In this version, a showstopper bug, affecting NTFS users, was fixed.

Release Notes: The 2.0x branch contains the following functionality which the 1.6x branch did not: DVD support, 2.6.x kernel support, optional use of star instead of afio, rudimentary SELINUX support, rewritten tape support including user-specified block sizes, AMD64 support, rudimentary IA64 support, proper GRUB support, much-improved LVM and LVM-on-RAID support, and lots of Debian-friendly changes to the source code.

  •  30 Oct 2003 07:28

Release Notes: Mondo no longer relies on GRUB's grub-install script, which is broken for /dev/md0 boot devices. Bugs in Mondo's LVM-on-RAID support have been fixed. Source-level support for Debian's LFS noncompliance has been improved.


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