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MonAMI aims to be a standard place for monitoring the availability and performance of services. It can talk to many different monitoring systems while remaining easy to configure. It has a plugin structure, making it easy to add new things to monitor or to integrate with new monitoring systems.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Apr 2008 13:34

    Release Notes: New plugins include varnish (to monitor a Varnish server) and grmonitor (to report to gr_Monitor). Major updates were made to some plugins: sample (adaptive monitoring), null (adjustable delay parameter), maui (QoS monitoring and a timeout option), torque (better error handling and enforcement of thread-safety), ganglia (correction of the gmond.conf parser, less bursty transmission, and unicast support), mysql (table statistics and writing monitoring data into a table).

    •  14 Aug 2007 21:12

      Release Notes: Two new monitoring plugins for clusters: torque and maui. Big improvement to the Ganglia plugin: it now supports dynamic dmax values, a gmond.conf file parser, and is careful not to overload gmond. ksysguard is more conservative, only allowing local connections by default, fluidsynth handles disconnects better, nut has better parsing of error messages and handles disconnects better, and nagios allows the user to specify localhost's host name.

      •  26 May 2007 19:37

        Release Notes: This release fixes the database connection leak in the DPM plugin and a minor parsing error with the GridFTP plugin. An option to truncate strings was added in the R-GMA plugin.

        •  20 May 2007 19:50

          Release Notes: This release adds support for event-based monitoring. It has major improvements to the Apache, Nagios, NUT, and R-GMA plugins. New plugins include fluidsynth and GridFTP. The user manual is now available in PDF and HTML. Man pages have been added.

          •  24 Oct 2006 12:03

            Release Notes: With this release, MonAMI now uses an asynchronous, multi-threaded core, which supports "on-demand" monitoring. The new ksysguard reporting plugin is the first to use on-demand monitoring. The KSysguard GUI, once connected, can choose what to monitor dynamically. When finished, the GUI will disconnect and the corresponding monitoring will stop. Two new monitoring plugins are included with this release: DPM and dCache. These are two storage solutions that implement the Grid "SRM" storage interface.


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