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Mole (Mobile Organic Localization Engine) provides room-level geoposition estimates using existing WiFi infrastructure. When you create an entry in the database by naming a room, your and other users' mobile devices will recognize when they are in that room. Other applications can poll or monitor the current room estimate and act accordingly, with context aware behavior. Because too much WiFi scanning drains batteries, it uses accelerometers and other tricks to keep scanning to a minimum while keeping update latency reasonable.

Operating Systems

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  •  24 May 2012 21:46

Release Notes: This release has a Web services CLI for Linux and maemo. It can fetch a current estimate of room (indoors) via the command line. It can also assign current room via the CLI.

  •  15 Oct 2011 01:47

Release Notes: Users who are physically near each other are shown via a simple "proximity" window. This is not on by default (obviously).

  •  10 Sep 2011 04:47

Release Notes: The daemon can now be automatically started in the background. An old-style GUI is available for testing at /usr/bin/mole-binder.

  •  16 Jul 2011 18:22

Release Notes: A command-line interface was added for the geopositioning daemon. The GUI is not included in this release because it is undergoing significant revision. Simple accelerometer-based techniques are used for recognizing movement and adapting location estimate accordingly.


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