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Mokoi Gaming is a open game platform with easy-to-use creation tools. Games created for Mokoi are platform agnostic, giving them the ability to be played on any device.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  24 Jan 2011 06:59

    Release Notes: LibSoup and GtkSourceView were moved from loader_mokoi into Editor. The Map Editor code was moved to a widget, allowing for more than one editor. The single map overview was changed to a multiple map overview. New Sprite sheets are automatically converted into PNGs. The running of background tasks was improved. The language editor, help viewer, project info window, and package importing were improved. Audio playback was moved to libsdlplayback. Error highlighting was added to Entity Editor. The elix project was created to handle cross-platform helper. Canvas, patch, and paths support were added. The ability to split large maps into screens was added.

    •  29 Mar 2009 13:35

      Release Notes: Initial OS X release. An improved build system. A new game, Puttytris, is included. The engine has rewritten file handling support, entities are now attached to Map Objects instead of being one themselves, there is an improved OpenGL driver with better text support and non-pot textures, layer colorizing, and sprite caching for the SDL driver. There is an improved map editor with sprite rotation and animation support, a Cairo-based sprite sheet editor, animation preview with drag and drop support, and a new entity editor with help search and insert function features.

      •  01 Sep 2008 09:43

        Release Notes: Real-time and cookie-like game saving was added.

        •  08 Jul 2008 17:19

          Release Notes: Many fixes to editor, along with initial coding for saving and networking in the engine.


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