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Mojo Nation is a peer-to-peer distributed file system in the style of Napster, Gnutella, and Freenet. It allows users to store, retrieve, and search for data. Published data can remain private or be available to the public. Mojo Nation uses RAID-like redundancy to provide reliability even when the pool of peers is untrustworthy and constantly shifting. A built-in credit system known as Mojo provides decentralized load balancing, and allows resources to be allocated efficiently and fairly. One of Mojo Nation's goals is to allow content to be highly available at minimal cost to the publisher.


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  •  30 Aug 2001 17:01

Release Notes: Improvements and fixes were made in the fuzzy/soft mask range logic. Some content trackers were returning dinodes in a different format, causing them to be rejected. Brokers now accept either format. Local reputations for brokers are updated in a some places where they were previously overlooked. Metainfo which is heard from other brokers and passed along to other brokers now includes a time-to-live field which can only be raised by a broker being online and issuing updated metainfo every so often.

  •  24 May 2001 05:06

Release Notes: This release sports a new polished user interface, more intuitive searching for content, splitting of published data in a much more reliable manner, fixes for several block distribution bugs, messages to mojo brokers behind firewalls are now compressed, and the network should be much more reliable.

  •  16 Mar 2001 06:08

Release Notes: Content trackers no longer return hits for files that are currently unavailable, more robust downloading is implemented, as well as some core speed-ups, random bugfixes, and obsolte UI/doc clean-ups.

  •  05 Mar 2001 05:29

Release Notes: This release includes a new graphical download display and lots of bugfixes.

  •  09 Feb 2001 18:04

Release Notes: Queueing publishes, a fix for a blockstore growing out of control bug, better performance (especially at startup for multi-volume block stores), better shutdown behaviour, fixes for search results display bugs, and a new config UI to adjust the fraction of all blocks your broker will deal with.

RSS Recent comments

09 Feb 2001 14:52 burris

Re: Privacy Policy

> It's a pretty cool idea, but check out
> their
> Privacy Policy before you sign up. It
> may not be quite what you would expect.

Please bear in mind that Mojo Nation is
Pseudonymnous: you never supply any personal
information or email addresses. There is no
applying for an account. Your identity on Mojo
Nation is a random RSA public key that is
generated on your own computer. AZI does not run
any of the content search engines so it
cannot track what it's users are publishing,
searching for, or downloading. AZI does not have
any of your personal information to abuse.


29 Jan 2001 15:11 almasy

Privacy Policy
It's a pretty cool idea, but check out their

Privacy Policy before you sign up. It may not be quite what you would expect.


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