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Release Notes: This release has a new authentication plugin system, new session handling, new preferences plugins, a new notification system with an optional Jabber notification bot, a diff action with prev/next change navigation buttons, admonition support, new powerful logging, an enhanced DocBook formatter, an improved CSV parser, and code cleanups.

  •  20 Apr 2008 14:19

Release Notes: Major ACL and superuser security fixes. There are other minor fixes and i18n updates.

  •  24 Mar 2008 15:35

Release Notes: This release fixes an ACL security problem related to the rst parser. It fixes a potential DOS/security problem by removing the non-thread-safe cracklib support. There are quite a few other bugfixes, and upgrading is recommended for all users.

  •  09 Mar 2008 13:47

Release Notes: This is the final 1.5 security and bugfix release; there will be no future 1.5.x releases. Users are strongly advised to upgrade to 1.6.x soon. This release fixes one major and some minor security issues. If you need more time on 1.5.x before you upgrade to 1.6, you are strongly advised to upgrade to 1.5.9.

  •  03 Feb 2008 17:03

Release Notes: There are many bugfixes. This release works on Mac OS X. There are minor feature enhancements.

  •  25 Dec 2007 00:14

Release Notes: Major new features were added including a quickly working standalone mode (similar to DesktopEdition), xapian index search (including attachments), wiki synchronisation, the ability to receive email, easier link and transclusion markup (and new macro markup) in the wiki parser, new parsers for creole wiki markup, HTML (safe), and diffs, discussion pages, inline comments, hierarchical ACLs, a new TextChas anti-spam feature, SisterPages support, new XML-RPC methods with easier auth and multicall support, and many other changes and fixes.

  •  13 May 2007 12:31

Release Notes: Some bugfixes, including some security fixes (ACL-related, XSS, and disclosing of system information in tracebacks). This release adds timing.log, so you can improve your site's performance. It improves the CPU usage of some macros when bots visit your wiki. Upgrading is highly recommended for all users of older versions.

  •  07 Feb 2007 14:11

Release Notes: Bugfixes and tuning. This is a recommended update. Less load by bots and Google toolbar users. An overwrite feature for AttachFile. XSS fixes. GUI editor/converter fixes. Better HTML4.01 compliance. Better fault tolerance for anti-spam. No reverse DNS lookups by stand-alone server. IE6/IE7 bug workarounds. Improved LDAP auth. Support for static files on a separate server.

  •  29 Oct 2006 06:13

Release Notes: Standalone and Twisted support, recursion in parsePageLinks, "=" in ImageLink, a rename problem with TMP on other fs, antispam update on every save, and GUI editor problems were fixed. New features include mail notifications with a link to the diff, MoveAttachments, ImageLink, and AttachList improvements, and FastCGI UNIX socket support. Other changes include improved performance, better support for broken IE6, rst parser and docutils compatibility, and updated EmbedObject. Upgrading to 1.5.6 is recommended for every moin user.

  •  17 Sep 2006 21:33

Release Notes: The GUI editor, attachment downloading, fastcgi xmlrpc, HTTP headers, email QP encoding, and an unpickle crash were fixed. Some new antispam measures, support for "304 not modified" for AttachFile and RSS, an improved moin.fcg, Indonesian lanugage support, EmbedObject MOV/MPG/MIDI support, and an improved "moin export dump" were added. Locking on POSIX was improved to use less I/O, and Python 2.5 compatibility was improved.


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