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  •  14 Jun 2009 20:43

    Release Notes: This release fixes a hierarchical ACL security bug (the default, non-hierarchical ACLs were not affected). It fixes some bugs in the creole parser, msie.css (IE8 rendering), and HTTP authentication (better compliance with the specs). New features include an EmbedObject macro using a default width of 100% for PDF files (use a recent Adobe Reader to make this work) and CopyPage action using a TextCha now.

    •  09 Feb 2009 08:17

    Release Notes: Some XSS security fixes were done. Some other bugs were fixed. FCKeditor was updated to 2.6.4. Some theme fixes were made. Anchor parsing and sanitizing were fixed to be more usable and consistent. Xapian search was fixed, especially historysearch. Miscellaneous other fixes were made. One new feature was added: the logging of IP addresses to edit-log and event-log can be disabled now.

    •  02 Nov 2008 02:42

    Release Notes: The big new features of this release are a major GUI editor upgrade, many GUI editor related bugfixes, and a new "modernized" theme. It also has quite a few smaller features, bugfixes, and cleanups.

    •  09 Sep 2008 00:08

    Release Notes: This release fixes the leakage of edit-log file handles (it leaked 1 file handle per request). If you run a persistent server process (everthing except CGI), please upgrade. There were also multiple fixes of less severe bugs, but no new features.

    •  20 Jul 2008 18:18

    Release Notes: This release fixes one XSS security issue and quite a few (non-security) bugs, including storage, search, argument parsing, server, macro, action, parser, and authentication compatibility fixes. It adds a new 'cache' action for fast serving of rendered objects directly from the cache, and updates the 'caching' module with a file-like API.

    •  22 Jun 2008 13:31

    Release Notes: A new notification and event framework was added, featuring email and jabber notifications. The authentication and session framework now uses authenticator objects (instead of functions) and now supports OpenID authentication. LDAP authentication now supports LDAP server failover. File attachment up/download performance and memory consumption were improved. Xapian indexed search was fixed and improved. Moin now offers much better logging, heavily configurable for your needs. The diff and AttachFile user interface was improved. Many other small improvements and bugfixes were made.

    •  15 Jun 2008 09:12

    Release Notes: Xapian searching was fixed, and Xapian 1.0.0+ is required. The dependency on PyStemmer was removed. xmlrpc for some servers was fixed. A traceback in filesys on Mac OS X was fixed. Footnotes with commas were fixed. Subscript parsing was fixed. Wikisync when remote has no interwiki name was fixed. The mig scripts was fixed. The OpenID cache is cleared when saving a user. recoverpass and newaccount now refuse access unless MoinAuth is enabled. Runtime errors caused by defective zip files are caught. Zip member file filenames are decoded from UTF-8, replacing invalid characters. ACLs on system pages were improved. UPDATE.html was added.

    •  02 Jun 2008 00:49

    Release Notes: This release fixes editor preview for new pages. It has better handling of ImportErrors. Xapian search and indexing has been improved. It also supports MIME type search for the built-in search. LDAP authentication was improved, and now supports failover (and has unit tests). A security issue that crept in since 1.7 alpha has been fixed. Another HMAC/py2.4 issue was fixed. The CSV parser was fixed. Event notifications are now in the recipient's language.

    •  19 May 2008 00:11

    Release Notes: This release fixes HMAC for Python 2.4. It fixes AttachFile uploading of files under 1K. It fixes action=info on a page that never existed. It denies access on invalid input (which happens only with spammers anyway). Failure to detect on-disk cache updates has been fixed.

    •  12 May 2008 18:09

    Release Notes: Many fixes relating to Xapian indexing/searching and AttachFile action (among other fixes, big memory consumption for large uploads and downloads has been fixed). A new recoverpass action (mails a password recovery token now, not the encrypted password). There are many other changes.


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