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16 Mar 2006 15:16 TheCat

I've been using MoinMoin for about 3 months now, i've build it to be used as an information webserver for the helpdesk where i worked. So far it's doing a wonderfull job, and it increased the close on first call rate. The only think i thought missed, would be an addon so that all pages can be modified, but the modification don't take effect until approved by an admin. Other than that... amazing

12 Aug 2004 03:38 AndrewCates

MoinMoin is pretty cool
I use a lot of Wikis and I rate MoinMoin as one of the best. There are also a rapidly increasing number (with the huge apache wiki farm moving to MM from usemod).

The only minor irritations IMHO are (1) that when you log on you are given a random USERID, as well as your password, which you have to remember for logging on (2) the revert is a bit fiddly (3) the standard help pages which overwrite with upgrades free have a pretty stodgy layout and contain errors (like first wiki was 25 March 1995 but is listed as 1994 etc.)
BozMo (

13 May 2002 08:58 unixman

Excellent Wikki!
If you not know wikkis, give MoinMoin a try. You will
be surprised at how powerful it is.

I give MoinMoin a 10.


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