Version 1.12 of MOEA Framework

Release Notes: This release significantly improves the C/C++ interface, which allows the MOEA Framework to run optimization problems written in C/C++. The examples page on the website has been updated to demonstrate this C/C++ interface.

Other releases

  •  20 Feb 2014 22:33

Release Notes: This release introduces a "demo application" that walks the user through several examples to show the capabilities of the MOEA Framework. Several bug fixes and enhancements are also included.

  •  06 Nov 2013 03:49

Release Notes: This release completes a significant overhaul of the user manual to provide better examples and more extensive documentation of the available features.

  •  12 Sep 2013 07:37

Release Notes: This major release fixes all open bugs and updates all third-party libraries.

  •  15 Nov 2012 13:33

Release Notes: This release includes several bugfixes and feature enhancements. The examples page on the Web site has also been updated.

  •  24 Sep 2012 21:54

Release Notes: This release includes several new genetic algorithm and genetic programming examples. Several minor bugs were patched.


Project Spotlight


A shell library intended for Unix sysadmins.


Project Spotlight

PHP Email address validation component

PHP class to verify if a e-mail address is valid.