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ModuLiq is a lightweight Web content management system. Web pages can be made up of various pieces, such as a header, footer, menu, etc. When changing a module, such as your header or footer, all your pages that use that module will be updated at the same time. A liquid layout means that Web pages flow to fill the user's browser window, no matter what the size or resolution is.

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26 Jun 2011 12:50 Avatar NotesTracker

The original home of this project was (and this is where the freshmeat link points) but this URL is completely dead, no longer extant on the Web.

Also, there's a ModuLiq project over at Google Code, see which is identical to the now non-existent site but is missing some componemts (for example, some images are missing and there may be more).

So, why are there these two "homes" for ModuLiq, and who's actually doing anything with the project (at either home).anything on the freshmeat


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