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Modplug-XMMS is a fully featured, complete input plugin for XMMS which plays MOD-like music formats. It is based on the mod rendering code from ModPlug, a popular Windows MOD player.


Recent releases

  •  17 Oct 2003 15:35

    Release Notes: This release adds source separation of libmodplug and modplugxmms, UI updates in the XMMS "about" dialog, and a pkgconfig pc file for libmodplug. It fixes "clipping" in the pre-amp part of modplugxmms and "zombie" processes created during archive usage. It improves autoconf/automake usage and packaging of source tar balls, and updates modplugplay. It registers DMF as a known mod file format extension.

    •  26 May 2003 00:18

      Release Notes: This release works with the new glibc. A small command line modplug player, modplugplay, is included.

      •  06 Apr 2003 12:06

        Release Notes: The ModPlug rendering engine has been moved into a separate library, libmodplug. Endianness bugs have been fixed, and it should now work on PPC.

        •  19 Sep 2001 19:36

          Release Notes: Due to a misunderstanding, version 1.5 was incorrectly reported to have polyphase and spline resampling when this was not the case. Spline and 8-tap fir resampling modes have been added, preamp correctly saves its state when you exit, and other minor bugfixes.

          •  25 Jan 2001 20:19

            Release Notes: Polyphase resampling, support for MT2 and PSM mod formats, a fix for an obscure pitch-shifting bug, ability to play IT files generated by OpenSPC, bzip2 support, configurable preamp, and changes to the endian-ness setting to make big-endian (PPC) ports work again.

            Recent comments

            26 May 2003 06:09 benv

            Great player
            This player is a must have for XMMS if you like modules. I know modplug from my windows time, where it was quite nice to have because Winamp messed up a lot of modules.
            For XMMS the builtin mikmod modplayer just sucks. Half of my modules are played wrong or not played at all.
            All in all, modplug correctly plays most of them and also plays them right. Very nice :)


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