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mod_perlite is a lightweight Apache module that embeds a Perl interpreter and suggests a default configuration where any file ending in ".pl" is interpreted by Perl. It is the Perl equivalent of PHP in its simplicity and nothing like mod_perl in its complexity.


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  •  11 Oct 2009 10:14

Release Notes: Patches were accepted that fix the Apache input handler and allow the POST method to work. Building on Win32 is supported. Sys::Protect is optionally required. Many little fixes were made. This release can run many popular Perl Web applications, including Movable Type, Bloxsom, Catalyst apps, and more.

  •  25 Dec 2007 00:29

Release Notes: This initial release loads into Apache, runs scripts, and produces output. It does not yet provide full functionality. In particular, PUT and POST do not yet work.


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