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Mod_OpenPGP is an Apache module that serves as a companion for Firefox's extension "Enigform". Together, they enhance the HTTP protocol with OpenPGP Session Management (Initiation, Validation, Expiration, and Auto-Closing), Request Signing and Verification.

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RSS Recent releases

  •  15 Mar 2009 15:36

    Release Notes: This release is of beta quality. A definitive Enigform guide was added. A Wordpress authentication plugin was added. Enigform was released for Firefox

    •  19 Jun 2007 00:15

    Release Notes: A new OpenPGP Discovery method that HTTP+OpenPGP aware clients (like Firefox+Enigform) can use to test if a host supports/announces mod_auth_openpgp was added.

    •  19 Apr 2007 22:59

    Release Notes: New X-Auth-OpenPGP headers were added: Email, Name, Fingerprint, and Comment. This allows better granularity for access controls (i.e "only allow in the user whose email address is XX").

    •  17 Apr 2007 15:29

    Release Notes: First stable release. Can be enabled on a per-virtual-host/server basis. Works along mod_access's Allow, Deny, and SetEnvIf.

    Release Notes: The module now supports the POST method, including file uploads.


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