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mod_log_sql (formerly known as mod_log_mysql) is an Apache module that enables access logging to an SQL database. This capability can replace or coexist with Apache's regular text-file logging mechanisms. The currently supported database backend is MySQL, with PostgreSQL and others in development.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Feb 2005 21:34

    Release Notes: Many of the broken autoconf detection issues that existed in 1.99 were fixed. Several SQL related issues that would cause mod_log_sql to crash due to improper escaping of the unique ID were fixed. The only new feature is the addition of the "V" directive to log the incoming virtualhostname instead of the "ServerName".

    •  29 Jul 2004 18:18

      Release Notes: This release fixes a crash when using the preserve file. It adds an initial libdbi driver. It has better detection of system libraries (MySQL, DBI, etc.).

      •  13 May 2004 03:53

        Release Notes: A new configuration option, LogSQLDisablePreserve, was added. The default preserve file location was changed to logs/mod_log_sql-preserve. Win32 support was added. Minor autoconf fixes were made.

        •  10 Apr 2004 04:06

          Release Notes: Some small fixes were made to the autoconf scripts to better detect APR include paths. LogSQLLoginInfo can now use a URI form to specify connection information (for example, mysql://username:password@host/database). The MySQL database code is now in a separate module and the next release will have alternate drivers for other databases.

          •  06 Mar 2004 20:20

            Release Notes: The LogSQLPreserveFile config parameter was fixed. All MySQL-specific code was moved to a separate code module (implementing DB abstraction). The documentation was completely converted to Docbook and updated. The LogSQLDelayedInserts config option was removed. The DB-generic LogSQLDBParam was added. The usage template for this option is "LogSQLDBParam [param] [value]". For example, "LogSQLDBParam tcpport 12345". The notes, cookes, headersin, and headersout tables are no longer created unless they are used.


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