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mod_ldap_userdir is an Apache module that enables Apache to look up user home directories from an LDAP directory, in order to serve UserDir (~username) URLs.

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  •  21 Jun 2012 22:23

    Release Notes: This release avoids a segfault when LDAPUserDirUseTLS is enabled and the LDAPUserDirUseTLS configuration directive is specified later in the configuration than LDAPUserDirServerURL.

    •  12 Jul 2010 03:07

      Release Notes: This release removes Apache 1.3.x support, making the build system more reliable.

      •  28 Nov 2009 03:07

        Release Notes: This release implements an internal failover mechanism instead of relying on the LDAP SDK's built-in failover (if any). It fixes a failover regression introduced in v1.1.13 when ldap_initialize() was first used. Multiple LDAP URL arguments may now be passed to LDAPUserDirServerURL. There is a portability fix: this release will not use ldap_initialize() and ldap_unbind_ext_s() unless it is building against the corresponding versions of the OpenLDAP SDK. The documentation has been updated to mention using "." (the current directory) when the user's home directory itself should be exposed instead of a subdirectory below it.

        •  09 Oct 2008 18:08

        Release Notes: This release fixes a segfault.

        •  08 Oct 2008 18:22

        No changes have been submitted for this release.


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