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mod-xslt is an Apache module which converts XML files into HTML files using XSLT stylesheets. It is able to parse dynamically-generated documents, both in POST and GET requests, includes a fully-featured language to choose the stylesheet to load from both configuration files and other .xml files, and provides extensions so stylesheets can access headers or get variables. It also supports redirects and dynamically-generated stylesheets.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Jul 2013 02:12

    Release Notes: Long due fixes for 64-bit platforms, a few Apache API fixes, a debian/ directory for generating .deb files directly, deprecation of Apache 1.3 support, several documentation updates, and references to the old site,, were changed to point to the new site:

    •  18 Sep 2011 17:19

      Release Notes: The code has been migrated to github, and the mailing list migrated to Google Groups. The codebase has been updated to use latest version of autotools, and tested to compile and work correctly with latest version of Apache. A few bugs have been fixed since the last release, but there are relatively few changes from the last snapshot; mostly cleanups and getting ready for more work on the module.

      •  04 Aug 2008 03:51

        Release Notes: In preparation for a released, a new snapshot has been made after almost 2 years. It includes many bugfixes, better handling for local:// URLs, better debugging details, better support for non-Linux systems, and official support for Apache 2.2 (and above). Many changes that had been waiting in CVS and the mailing list have finally reached a snapshot.

        •  22 Nov 2004 09:37

          Release Notes: This release fixes many configure and make portability bugs while introducing a couple new parameters that should ease the task of setting it up and of associating stylesheets to the corresponding XML documents.

          •  18 Oct 2004 06:19

            Release Notes: This version corrects some bugs in handling the Content- Encoding and Content-Length headers, while providing a new XSLTAddRule parameter both for the Apache 1.3.x and Apache 2.0.x SAPI. An overall cleanup of the code has started, and usage of libxml and libxslt API has been improved to better support xinclude and many other XML and XSLT functionalities.


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