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mod-vhost-ldap is an Apache 2.x module for storing and configuring virtual hosts from LDAP. It supports DocumentRoot, ScriptAlias, ServerName, ServerAlias, ServerAdmin, and SuexecUserGroup directives. It's built on top of mod_ldap, so it uses its caching capabilities and can be used with a threaded Apache httpd.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 Jan 2006 22:33

    Release Notes: Fixes a small memory leak when used in a subrequest (e.g. fastcgi).

    •  03 Oct 2005 18:17

      Release Notes: This release adds support for running in subrequest, which fixes memory corruption when used with mod_fastcgi or mod_fcgid.

      •  22 Sep 2005 14:58

        Release Notes: Support for Fallback Virtual Host was added. This fallback is used in cases when requested virtual host is not found in the LDAP database. You can put a "virtual host not found" page or some other fancy stuff in the fallback virtual host.

        •  16 Sep 2005 23:22

          Release Notes: This release adds the ability to have different configurations for different VirtualHosts. A workaround for a mod_ldap bug was created.

          •  30 Aug 2005 14:40

            Release Notes: mod_vhost_ldap.c now uses the VERSION file as the authoritative source of the version number. MIN_UID/MIN_GID was lowered to 100/100.


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