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MockDoclet is a tool for generating mock objects for Java classes and interfaces to aid in unit testing classes that are tightly coupled to other components. It is an active code generation tool that scans interfaces for JavaDoc style @mock tags at build time to generate the appropriate mock objects. It is built on top of XDoclet and the MockObjects framework, and is designed to be used with JUnit and Ant.


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  •  11 May 2002 08:23

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    Recent comments

    26 Jul 2002 14:53 Igal

    a little problem
    Hi Joe and thanks for this lovely project.
    I am using it in our project and I found something that I believe could be an error:
    one of my interfaces is as follows:

    void add(EntityData pEntity, EntityData pParent);

    EntityData add(Processor pProcessor,
    String pJavaClass,
    int pElementId,
    int pOwnerId)
    throws EntityException ;
    and I believe it fails with the latest mockdoclet.
    Many thanks



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