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  •  21 Oct 2004 08:31

Release Notes: The program now longer allows ".." to be added to the playlist. Seeking when not playing was fixed. A segfault which occurred when using f after creating a playlist from the command line was fixed. Invoking MOC with relative path arguments was fixed. Displaying a file title longer than the window was fixed. The menu that was broken after resizing the terminal when the help screen is displayed was fixed.

Release Notes: The code was rewritten. The interface can be detached from the playing server. OSS is used directly, which results in better stop and pause behavior. The output is buffered in a separate thread for smoother playing. Many other enhencements and fixes were made. The executable file was renamed to "mocp".

Release Notes: An H command and a ShowHiddenFiles option were added. The program now remembers the last directory and starts in it at the next session. A D command that deletes an item from the playlist was added along with a StartInMusicDir configuration option and -m option. When passing file names or a directory as arguments, a playlist is now made from them. More is now played in each audio_play() call. --clear and --play options were added for managing the server playlist. The documentation and example configuration were updated and some fixes were made.

Release Notes: A help screen was added and the PID file is now checked for validity. An 'f' command (switch ReadTags) was added. New configuration options were implemented for configuring the OSSDevice, OSSMixerDevice, OSSMixerChannel, and SoundDriver Support for WAVE sound devices. ^r (redraw the screen) and r (re-read the directory) commands were added and a few fixes were made.

Release Notes: The code has been completely rewritten. The most important new features are a client-server architecture, the ability for the client to be detached, an output buffer in a separate thread, and better stopping and pausing due to use of OSS instead of libao. Many bugs have been fixed.

Release Notes: This release adds WAVE files support, simple playlist, shuffle, repeat, and a few more features. A few bugs have been fixed.

Release Notes: This is the first release intended to be stable and user friendly. It has a redraw command, a version checker (a simple command to see if a new version has been released), a man page, and small fixes.

Release Notes: This version adds a README, a configuration file, a MusicDir option, an 'f' command for switching between short and full file names, and some fixes.


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