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Release Notes: This release displays the total time of a playlist/directory. It has faster reading and saving of playlists. A new theme and new commands were added: G (go to the directory of the currently played file) and U (go to '..'). More small improvements and fixes have been made.

Release Notes: Support for FLAC and various other audio formats was added. Going to a directory by typing the path with file name completion was added. An XTermTheme option was added to choose a different theme for XTerm. The default (transparent) color can be used in themes.

  •  15 Nov 2004 04:17

Release Notes: Compilation with header files other than from Linux 2.4 has been fixed.

  •  14 Nov 2004 06:10

Release Notes: Playing MP3 files with the standard configuration has been fixed. A few other small fixes have been made.

  •  13 Nov 2004 13:22

Release Notes: The missing example_theme file was added.

Release Notes: Many new features have been added. Playlists can now be saved and loaded using the .m3u format. The menu can now be searched (like M-s in Midnight Commander) and color themes can change the appearance of the interface. Files are now pre-cached while playing, and the audio device is no longer closed when the file ends, which should eliminate silent gaps between songs.

Release Notes: Pressing CTRL-C now interrupts long operations that block the interface, like reding tags for hundreds of files. Fixes were made for systems where threads are not processes. A crash which occurred when loading a malformed playlist was fixed. Many small fixes were made.

Release Notes: Files are now precached instead of closing the audio device in between playing files. This should prevent gaps between two songs. Optional iconv() character set conversion was implemented. Use of mmap() can be turned off, which is useful on NFS. The ability to use a different config file or directory than the default was added. Seeking and counting time in VBR MP3 files was fixed.

Release Notes: Full support for the EXTM3U extension in .m3u files was added. The apperance now can be customized by using themes. File time and format are displayed in the menu. A few fixes were made.

Release Notes: This release adds support for multiple clients, searching the menu, playlist loading and saving, and ALSA.


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audit daemon

A package of user-space audit utilities.


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Template Data Interface (TDI)

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