Version 0.5.11 of Mobius Forensic Toolkit

Release Notes: This release features 14 new registry reports: autorun, services, IE download folder, IE typed URLs, MRU files opened/saved, MRU files executed, search assistant, printer ports, processors, all devices, enumerated devices, HID devices, network devices, and stream devices. Minor improvements were made.

    Other releases

    •  09 Oct 2013 22:27

      Release Notes: The partition-agent extension automatically adds partitions to case when a data source is set. New registry report: "Shared Folders". Minor improvements have been made.

      •  23 Apr 2013 19:38

        Release Notes: This release features the new Gigatribe Agent extension, an extension to browse Gigatribe chat files. Five new registry reports have been added to the hive-report extension: Gigatribe accounts, Gigatribe download folders, Gigatribe requested passwords, Ares Search History, and Wifi Network List. Minor improvements and bugfixes have been made.

        •  24 Mar 2013 19:16

          Release Notes: This release adds support for physical device's datasources. Minor improvements were made. Bugs were fixed.

          •  17 Jan 2013 21:43

            Release Notes: This release features the Turing extension, an extension to handle cryptographic services. It is fully integrated to the Hive (registry) extension, so that when registry files are opened, it automatically records the user account password hashes and tests keywords such as LSA secrets, e-mail passwords, and Internet Explorer Autocomplete, among others. All hashes and passwords found are stored in an SQLite database. The Turing extension exports and imports to/from John The Ripper .pot files and to John The Ripper hash files.

            •  01 Nov 2012 23:27

              Release Notes: The Partition Viewer extension provides a viewer for partition tables. The GTK-UI Treeview extension implements a treeview based on treenodes. Minor improvements have been made.


              Project Spotlight


              A library for manipulating sets and relations of integer points bounded by linear constraints.


              Project Spotlight


              A C library for sending email with attachments.