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08 Aug 2013 20:16 datenbrei

Ok, my provider did fix the fault and now everything is back again, also the testing site. :-)

07 Aug 2013 21:01 datenbrei

The main mobiki site is actually up and running again. All my domains do run well if configured for Apache/PHP5.3, but do actually not run with the providers setup for PHP 5.4 as FastCGI server. So the testsite is still down for to be a testbed for the provider. I'm very sorry for that! :-( I will inform you as soon as the test site is up again.

07 Aug 2013 09:47 datenbrei

I'm sorry, but since tonight all my 8 domains and the correspondending webservers at my provider are down. Hope, they will fix it soon.

18 Jul 2013 13:32 datenbrei

For now there are two example websites using mobiki: my own website http://dö in german language and the site itself.


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