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  •  06 Jul 2013 07:59

    Release Notes: A new package management tool, mport, was added. A large number of features were imported from FreeBSD 9.1, including ZFS with ZPOOL 28/dedup support, LLVM + CLANG in base, a migration to GPT as the default in the installer, bsdinstall, BSD licensed sort and grep, cpucontrol(8), and UFS2 + SUJ (journaling). Also imported were the newer FreeBSD USB stack, NFSv4 client, syscons, and CAM based ATA.

    •  31 Jan 2011 02:28

      Release Notes: This release includes exciting new features such as support for ZFS, mDNSResponder for multicast DNS, libdispatch (no blocks support yet), brainfuck(1), AMD CPU temperature monitoring, updates to the Linux emulation layer (2.6.16 compatibility), and the OpenBSD sensors framework. It includes a large merge from FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE. Developers voted on the decision to merge many aspects of FreeBSD 7 into MidnightBSD in November 2008. This merge took some time and delayed the 0.3 release. It is not planned to do anything of this nature again.

      Release Notes: This version focuses on adding hardware for newer devices including ATI, Nvidia, and intel SATA controllers, and wireless support standards. A great deal of work was put into creating packages, with over 2000 packages available via FTP. There are 2 CDs of packages plus X11 on disc 1. Software updates include gcc 3.4.6, BIND 9.4.2-p1, Sendmail, bzip2, and OpenSSH 5.0p1. The pcc compiler has been added (i386). GNU cpio has been replaced with the BSD licensed version. cpdup and mksh have been added. There are IPv6 fixes.

      •  09 Nov 2007 22:55

      Release Notes: This release fixes security holes in bzip2 and OpenSSL. It also includes the new mports collection. This is the last release on 6.9.

      Release Notes: This stable release is based on FreeBSD 6.1 beta and includes many fixes and improvements. It uses a command line interface but offers packages for X11, GNUstep, WindowMaker ,and other software. Future versions will provide a fully featured desktop environment.

      Release Notes: The Intel em driver was updated to support newer cards. Support for Intel 915 and ATI R300 graphics acceleration (drm) was fixed and support for Intel ICH8 SATA was added. USB support was enhanced and problems with OpenSSH 4.4p1 were fixed. Quite a few devices were synched with the FreeBSD 6.1 release or 6-Stable, including em, ata, fdc, kbdmux, usb, mpt, atkbd, vge, random, pci, cam, and ahb. Some bugs in the NFS client and the default threading library were fixed along with security bugs in rm.

      Release Notes: This release contains seven security patches. It also includes sendmail 8.13.7. It is recommended that all users update to this version. Only disk1 is required for installation. FreeBSD 6 packages will work with the system.


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      A DSL and code generator for Java enterprise applications.


      Project Spotlight


      A partition or disk cloning tool similar to Symantec Ghost.